8 min | Jordan | 2022


Wandering through the Worst Zoo in the World, a young boy SAMI is looking for his football. The loner finds more than that when he encounters the little tiger LAZIZ, who follows him on his quest to find a safe place to play. Against all odds, they become friends. But the remnants of war harbor danger.

Directors: Tariq Rimawi

Tariq Rimawi is an independent Jordanian animation film director, scriptwriter, and an academic member of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Petra. In 2010, he graduated with a Master’s in Animation from Newport Film School in the United Kingdom. His shorts have been screened at more than 180 international film festivals and received 15 awards. In 2016, Tariq established the Animation & Multimedia Department at the University of Petra. With his engagement in education and creating jobs for animation artists he wants to show the potential of Arab artists and stories and put Jordan on the map of animation production countries.

Writers: Tariq Rimawi | Producers: Aminah Abdat, Moritz Mayerhofer | Animation: Salsabeel Abuobaid, Aminah Abdat | Editing: Tariq Rimawi | Music: Peter Thomas Gromer | Language: No Dialogue