Karama HRFF Beirut

Karama HRFF in Jordan gave rise to the Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival which to this date has two editions, first one being in 2016, and the second one in Summer 2017.

Karama HRFF Beirut contributes among other well-established and renowned festivals in the world, to spreading a Human Rights Cinema that denounces racism, hatred discourse, discrimination and injustice. Aiming to mobilize solidarity and support with the minorities, the festival screens a selection of films from around the world, and holds open discussions to shed light on human rights violations worldwide and the prospects of social change and progress.

The festival selects films that engage and inform people about human rights issues related to immigration, asylum, censorship and repression, eviction, child abuse and exploitation, death penalties, poverty, social exclusion, war and conflicts, workers and unemployed rights, Palestine-Israel conflict, mental health, social care, HIV/AIDS, LGBT rights, youth, women’s rights, gender issues, human trafficking, minorities cultures, environmental exploitation, freedom of expression and the media, imprisonment, torture, citizen’s political participation, transparency, democracy, democracy-building, civil rights and civil rights under occupation.