Karama HRFF 11th Edition

Karama HRFF2020

Human Memory, Dying Histories

The exponential spread of the COVID-19 pandemic forces us, as a species, to pay closer attention to the complex interwoven threats to the basics of human rights. Bringing to light issues of health inequity, economic insecurity, environmental injustice, and collective trauma. Also making visible racism, classism, and the climate crisis shaping our lives. Is humanity experiencing a collective trauma living in the current spread of a pandemic? Has everything weve come to know as a species changed? Shaking our concepts of national security, national health, collective well-being, individuality..etc.

As we face this global pandemic and the massive numbers of human lives lost, we have grown increasingly aware of the vulnerable communities amongst us and we have become attached to our elders who are the most vulnerable to this virus. These generations who have in their memories events of colonization, geographical change, rebellions, gender liberation, how the world came to be how it is today.

We believe that with the loss of these generations of “witnesses of history” we lose chunks of our history, and power that comes with knowing one’s history. This edition will focus on oral history, archival materials, films produced by or about our collective memory in all of its layers and artistic expression.