Tug of War

92 min | Qatar, Germany, Tanzania, South Africa | 2021


A coming-of-age political love story set in the final years of British colonial Zanzibar. Denge, a young freedom fighter meets Yasmin, an Indian-Zanzibari woman in the middle of the night as she is on her way to be married. Passion and revolution escalate.

Directors: Amil Shivji


Writers: Amil Shivji, Jenna Cato Bass | Producers: Amil Shivji, Steven Markovitz | Editing: Matthew Swanepoel, Nadia ben Rachid | DOP: Zenn van Zyl | Sound:  | Music: Amine Bouhafa, Amélie Legrand | Language: Swedish, English, Swahili | Subtitles: Arabic, English