Symposium : Climate Change & Societal Turbulence

At the essence of this year’s theme, Karama invites the audience to examine, assess and question their current and future priorities. Amongst the transformations that our world is experiencing today, we bear witness to radical shifts and the emergence of aggravated crises both at environmental and societal levels. Many scholars have analyzed the combination of these transformations as a clear sign of an inevitable societal endangerment at best, or collapse at worst, due to climate change. Some argue that we, as a civilization, are long past the point of prevention and that we must now focus our efforts on adapting to the coming societal discrepancies.

What type of socio-political engagement can we consider? In the face of numerous questions regarding our future, this year’s symposium offers a space for an honest observation of our collective and individual standpoints. This is an opportunity for the audience to take a closer look at the uncertainties brought by 2022, unpacking and igniting their observations while providing key elements of analysis and comprehension.

The event will bring together a collection of thinkers and scholars from various disciplines to discuss and exchange ideas that revolve around the following axes and guiding questions:

Transformation; How do we approach transition? Discussing the spectrum of human reactions to the perspective of social/societal discrepancies
Deviation; are we moving backward? Linking global advancement on SDGs and Human Rights (its recoil even prior to the pandemic impacts) what are we currently heading toward.
Mutation; did Human Rights become selective? Which are our possible directions?

Facilitator: Deyala Tarawneh

Guest Speakers:
- Hala S. Murad (human rights and environmental activist)
- Said Jiryes (energy engineer, Animal rights activist)
- Ahmad Zeyad Abu Hussien (Urbanist, Researcher, Architect)