17 min | Croatia | 2021


Marko and Ankica never got over the death of their only child Ante in the war. When their neighbor Stipe suggests renting son’s room to tourists, Marko sees that as an insult but Ankica manages to talk him into it. Renting rooms is easy money, especially for retired people, but having an unknown man sleeping in his son's bed troubles Marko a lot.

Directors: Marko Šantić

Marko Šantić’s short films Good luck Nedim, The Hole and Blue Peter were screened at many film festivals and won numerous awards. His feature films Seduce Me and Lada Kamenski were premiered at the Warsaw and Montreal Film Festival and awarded widely.


Writers: Goran Vojnović | Producers: Jure Bušić | Editing: Jurij Moskon | DOP: Ivan Zadro | Sound: Nikola Cvijanović | Music: Clément Barbier | Language: Croatian | Subtitles: English, Arabic