JURY - Best Short Fiction

Khalil Al-Mozian
Khalil Al-Mozian is a Palestinian film director. He was born in Gaza in 1963. He graduated from the Academy of Culture in St. Petersburg in 1998. He directed several feature films and documentaries and won several awards. One of his most important works is "Gaza Sderot" 2007, in which he traces the daily lives of six characters in the Gaza Strip under the circumstances of the Palestinian Intifada. The documentary program "Passers on the Skin of Gaza" and "Messengers of Truth" for Al-Jazeera Channel in 2007. And the movie "Guevara Gaza", which is a cinematic visual document of the Palestinian resistance in 2009, and the feature film "Mashoo Matook" or a (sweet thing), which was banned from showing in Gaza in 2010. Khalil Al-Mozian also founded the Lama Film Company, through which he worked on various cinematic and television projects, and Al-Mozian moved to the dramatic film and achieved success with the screening of his movie “Sara” in 2014. He opened the Al-Jazeera Festival with his short film “Gaza Monologues” and won an award namely; Al-Jazeera Award for Liberties and Human Rights in 2012. In 2015, in cooperation with the Karama Festival in Jordan at the launch, he founded and managed the Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival - Karama Palestine - which is the first festival of its kind, based in Gaza. This festival achieved great popularity and interest after its inauguration in the demolished neighborhood of “Shejaiya”, and a sixty-meter-long red carpet was laid in the open air as a symbol of steadfastness despite the challenges and the blockade on the people and the strip of Gaza.

Sameera Asir
Sameera Asir made her Acting Debut in ‘Degrade’ Directed by Arab & Tarzan Nasser, which was selected for Cannes film Festival. Since then she has appeared in over Forty Film, Tv and Theater Productions over her 10 year Acting Career. She won her first Best Actress Award for her Role in ‘Behind the scenes’ Short film at The Jordanian film Festival 2015. You may have seen her on TV in ‘Betloo El Rouh’ On (Shahid and MBC), ‘Cairo-Kabul’(Egypt), ‘Counter Attack’ (Egypt)’ and ‘Khalifat’ & ‘Sergio’ on Netflix to name just a few. In 2017 she landed the lead role in ‘Roof Knocking’ which won Best Film at Cairo Film Festival, and she won Best Actress for the role at the Hakis Festival in Ankara. Her latest Films include ‘Salma’s Home’ directed by Hanadi Alayan where she plays one of the lead Roles and ‘Farha’ directed by Darin Sallam which are both currently streaming on NETFLIX and doing the Festival Run. Sameera Studied at the Lebanese American University where she received A B.A. in Theater, And she just finished the ‘Kanyamakan’ Theater play for Riyadh season where she was the Resident Director.

Jörgen Scholtens
Jörgen Scholtens (Leeuwarden,1986) is an actor and movie director from the Netherlands. He started his professional acting career when he was only 19 years old. After five years of acting in different Dutch movies and television shows he gathered a film crew to make his first short movie. In 2018 Jörgen won the 48 hour film project in three different city's. In 2019 he made his first film with a fair budget. This resulted in the film "KOEKOEK!/CUCKOO!". "CUCKOO!" was praised in the Dutch film festival as one of the best debut films and is screening in festivals all over the world. In 2022 he made his first feature film Vaders & Zonen (Fathers&Sons) which premiered last month in the Netherlands and will screen globally in 2023.