Guardian of the Worlds

90 min | Qatar, France, Tunisia | 2022

One day, at the foot of a tomb, Hassan fell asleep and never left the cemetery.

For 40 years, on the hills of Jellaz in Tunisia, where he has made his home, he has been keeping watch over the dead and observing the living. In search of love and freedom, Hassan moves between day and night and invites us to discover his worlds. 

Directors: Leïla Chaïbi

After working several years as a cameraman for journalism (France O, Nesma (Tunisia), Al Jazeera, MBC Egypt, Unicef US ...), she began working for the cinema. She started as a cameraman for fiction, documentaries and magazines.

From 2010, she develops her own film projects. Living in Tunis durong few years, she is interested in the question of identity and arabic world. « La Brûlure », her first short documentary, paints the portrait of illegal immigrants who disappeared at sea, it becomes a medium-lenght film, « Tous brûlés. La Maison des hommes », is an inventory of prisons in Tunisia. She then co-directed "Le verrou", a film about the magic ritual of the tasfih that aims to protect young girls from any penetration.


Writers: Leïla Chaïbi | Editing: Christine Bouteiller | Sound: Brice Kartmann | Music: Nadir Moussaoui | Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English