Eating the Silence

24 min | Switzerland | 2021


Rolf, a hemiplegic, spends his days dozing on a sofa bed in his dusty apartment. On TV, he learns of a deadly pandemic sweeping around the globe. While the world around him falls apart, he bears witness to it on his screen with relish. When his nurse fails to visit him, Rolf realizes that his survival is anything but certain.

Directors: Joël Jent, Ali Al-Fatlawi

Bio: Joël Jent 

Born in 1983, grew up in Toggenburg (Switzerland). He studied film, political science, philosophy and social/economic history at University of Zurich, and then worked briefly as a journalist. Since 2003, Joël Jent has produced short- and feature films, including films under his own direction. He produced award winning films such as BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW, IRAQI ODYSSEY, BON VOYAGE and FACING MECCA. In 2014 STANISLAVSKI AND FILM – his first book was published. Joël Jent lectures at Zurich Art University, is President of Swiss Fiction Movement, a member of the European- and the Swiss Film Academy who works as a filmmaker and screenwriter, and is father to one son.

Bio: Ali Al-Fatlawi

The artist, born in Baghdad in 1972, makes sculptures, writes poems and plays, works as an actor and is a member of the Iraqi Writers’ Union. From 1990 to 1994 he attended the University of the Arts in Iraq until the political situation forced him to leave his home. Ali Al-Fatlawi reached Switzerland in 1997 and continued his artistic education at the F + F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich, where he graduated in 2002. In 2007 Ali started working as a picture designer at Andromeda Film AG, but also always carried out his own projects. In addition to his film work, Ali Al-Fatlawi is part of the «Urnamo» artist collective, and tours through numerous countries with his performance art and has already received several awards for his work.


Writers: Joël Jent, Ali Al-Fatlawi | Producers: Sophia Rubischung | Editing: Jann Anderegg | DOP: Quinn Evan Reimann | Sound: Kurt Human | Music: Marcel Vaid | Language: Swiss German | Subtitles: English, Arabic