5 min | Afghanistan, Norway | 2021


My mother died the day I was born.
My father was always at war. I was eleven years old when my father forced me to marry an old man.


Mohsen Hossaini is a well-respected artist and animator from Afghanistan. He holds a bachelors in film and television directing from College of Iran Television. After receiving his degree, Hossaini worked for various television stations, including Hewad TV, SABA TV (2008-2010) and Afghanistan Radio & Television (2006-2007).

Internationally recognized for his animations, Hossaini was the winner of the Kabul Short Film Festival 2007 for his film Shelter (2006). It was screened at the Hiroshima Animation Film Festival 2006, the NAAF Film Festival 2007 in Bosnia as well as the 2007 Leipzig Film Festival. His other short films include Perfume (2009), Hitler (2009) and Solitude (2012). Dance(2014), Red Fish (2018), Event(2019)

Mohsen Hossaini arrived in Drøbak City of Refuge in September 2015, where he continues his work.


Writers: Said Mohsen Hossaini | Producers:  Said Mohsen Hossaini | Animation:  Said Mohsen Hossaini | Editing:  Said Mohsen Hossaini | Sound: Ali Hossaini | Music: Ali Hossaini Language: Persian | Subtitles: English, Arabic