Conscience of Art - The Algorithmic Reflection

The annual ‘Conscience of Art exhibition” at Karama HRFF aims to experiment with elements of its yearly thematic direction through the works of different artists, from various backgrounds, using different mediums.

This year, in our 13th edition, we take a philosophical dive into the open questions of;what is art ? What is an artist? And what is conscience? thorough AI technologies and Machine learning artistic tools.

The deep learning art generation tools scraps data from the internet of what can be called “the collective archived consciences of the human kind”.

Provided by text from users the AI generates the image, opening a huge door for creatives that might lack skill to manifest their ideas into “Artworks”.

For skilled artists they might find themselves at a crossroad facing AI, either as a threat or an opportunity. Using those tools and leaving the questions open to the spectators, we explore how the AI tools translated the 30 declarations of human rights into “Artworks”

Alongside the AI generated artworks curated within the space, the exhibition allows for the audience to generate their own experiments from their own keywords.