The 7th Annual Youth Forum

In conjunction with the 14th session of the Karama Festival, featuring a special session focused on Palestine

The Youth Forum serves as a dynamic platform for young individuals to voice their perspectives and stay informed about local and Arab developments that hold significance for our generation.

Given the current crisis in Gaza, Palestine, arising from Israeli aggression with potential repercussions for the entire region, our aim with this forum is to create a dedicated space for artists to channel their creative expressions and messages. This becomes especially crucial during this critical juncture in the region's history.

Hence, the forum, titled "Artistic Intervention in Times of Wars and Crises," will center on the capacity of art to influence public opinion and make a political, social, cultural, and economic impact during periods of crisis.


* Provide a platform for young artists to articulate their opinions and ideas on war and crises through artistic expressions.
* Emphasize the transformative role of art in instigating change during crisis situations.
* Foster a global network of young artists.

Discussion Topics:

* The influence of art in shaping public opinion.
* Art as a medium for political protest.
* Art's role in raising social awareness.
* Art as a catalyst for cultural and economic development.