8 minutes | Spain | 2023


Ruben and Asïr, two great friends, meet every afternoon to play soccer in a car scrapyard. One day like any other, Ruben waits for his friend, with the surprise that he has been beaten up because of racism. The unconditional support that Rubén offers to Asïr reflects the purest friendship, although the worst is yet to come.

Director Bio:

Miguel Ángel Olivares has worked as an actor in sereval televisión series, such as: Amar es para siempre, Acacias 38, Allí abajo and recently the film Mamacruz by the Venezuelan director Patricia Ortega. Miguel Ángel Olivares, has been awarded as director with the Andaluciía EMPRENDE AWARD (2019) UPTA courage Award from the Junta de Andalucia, (2019) LGTB Andalucia Award (2020) Diversity Award (2021)

Olivares has directed various videoclips of various well-known artists, bus his directorial debut was made with JULIA, (2020) a short film starring Daniela Santiago, chich is available on Amazon prime, Filmin and on Flixolé where it remained number 1 for several weeks. He is now introducing his new short film "Scrapyard" (2023) starring the young actors Asier Flores, the Almodovar child, from the film "Pain and Glory", and Youssef Bougarouane, who has worked in several successful series, such as "Tiempos de Guerra" or "La unidad". He is also immersed in a new short film entitled Vinyl, starring Monica Bardem, and a miniseries in which he will direct several chapters.