Anxious in Beirut

93 minutes | SPAIN, JORDAN, LEBANON, QATAR | 2023


In the ever-present desire to capture, record, and understand Beirut, and by extension himself, Zakaria has been trying to give a coherent story to his city. It is through the intersectionality between the general and the personal, the public and private, the old and young, that we are able to answer: why are we anxious in Beirut?

Director Bio:

Zakaria Jaber (1994) is a film director, editor and writer. He is self-taught with multiple layers of experiences in the fields of journalism, filmmaking and video editing. In 2018 he managed to produce and direct his first short film independently after years of work in TV production and reporting with various prestigious news outlets in the middle east. In 2019, he took a step forward in “Anxious in Beirut” his first feature documentary and spent three years documenting the lives of his friends, family and the events that happened between the revolution in 2019 reaching the total economic and social collapse in 2022. In 2022 he founded his writing company “Outcast Stories”.